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Certified Training courses provided by the APA, including Induction, (APAI), Technician (APAT), Team Leader (APAL) and Manager (APAM) levels.

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Membership is available for Individuals and Employers who would like to support their entire AP team. Access Support Forums, Tools and Templates, APA Events, Surveys and Reports, Jobs, News Articles and much more..


Our comprehensive programme provides a wide range of events throughout the year providing something for everyone from our Annual Conference to our regional partner events.

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Transforming the AP Industry

The APA is a professional body devoted to serving the Accounts Payable/ Purchase Ledger professional community. Here at the APA we are committed to Accounts Payable being increasingly viewed as a separate and distinguishable profession and having a set of certifications to recognise and support this.

Discover the APA certifications and join thousands of likeminded AP professionals across the globe becoming APA certified Technicians and Managers. As an APA member you will also gain access to various tools, resources, surveys, events, jobs and careers advice.

Join us on the journey, which promises to be exciting and rewarding for everyone.

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AP Specific training delivered either via our online learning platform or onsite


Get up to date benchmarking data such as salary, process costs etc from our annual survey


Meet other AP Professionals either at one of our events or in our interactive forum


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A multitude of AP tools & calculators to assist your success


With a dedicated team of AP experts on hand to support in all things Accounts Payable
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APA Courses receive outstanding feedback from students

Amazing course which has reminded me how important and specialised the area of Finance that I am passionate about is.

Sometimes you can get demotivated in your chosen career and forget why you have chosen this over other options . This course has reminded me of my passion and

Nadine Samuel
Heads of Payments Transactions and Processes - Network Homes
A well structured course and a great personal development investment.

I am glad that I have decided to complete the APA Team Leader Certification, I have enjoyed every module of the course, and I have gained some new skills whilst keeping up to date my current skills. I am sure

Roberto Lecora
Finance Assistant - HS2
I was surprised by the amount of content in the course all of which has helped me understand and define my current role. My current AP Manager supported my studies throughout the course and I now feel part of a community of AP Professionals. I am already signed up and taking the
Kathryn AP Analyst
AP Analyst

APA Annual Conference

Once a year, the APA invites all members to an Annual Forum which is held in Birmingham. Included within the event are a variety of guest speakers from the AP industry who will cover a wide spectrum of AP related topics. There event will also have a thought leadership round-table, Q&A to industry experts, AP specific vendors, APA awards ceremony, Refreshments throughout the day and much more!

We encourage all members to attend this flagship event. It is a great opportunity to meet and network with fellow AP professionals and also to meet the APA leadership team. Attendees will be able to talk through issues and to be able to compare their own AP function to others and compare performance levels, staffing, policies and processes, etc.

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