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Celebrate APA Appreciation Week!

What is Your Team Doing to Celebrate During APA Appreciation Week?

  With APA Appreciation Week kicking off on Monday 13th May, we are dedicating an entire week to appreciating AP professionals!   Why only one week? You can read about that here…   For now though, we want to know what you are…

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APA Appreciation Week is almost here - AP Association Blog

APA Appreciation Week is Almost Here!

  Why only one week dedicated to appreciate AP professionals?     Well, we currently don’t have even one day set aside each year to show appreciation to Accounts Payable folk, so a week is a good start! It’s high time AP staff get…

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Tackling late payments - AP Association Blog

Companies Must Now Set Out Their Payment Practices in Annual Reports 

    Since his Spring Statement when the possibility for fines on late payers was announced, Chancellor, Philip Hammond has had AP departments scrambling to get their acts together and put measures in place to get significantly more organised with regards to payment processing. If your business has not…

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How to make the most out of working in an open plan accounts payable office - AP Association Blog

How to Make the Most Out of Working in an Open Plan Accounts Payable Office

  Working in an open plan environment can be challenging, especially during times of intense pressure and stress so common within the AP industry. On the other hand, it can also be an excellent opportunity to collaborate with colleagues who…

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What skills are required for a successful career in accounts payable? - AP Association Blog

What Skills are Required for a Successful Career in Accounts Payable?

  This is a question that has been asked many, many times and it is usually difficult to clarify if not postulating the skills for a specific job role within the industry… This post is rather about the skills one…

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