APA Conference & Expo 2018

This year’s event promised to be even bigger and better than ever before and it delivered!

The theme for the 2018 conference was “The robots are coming: embracing technology and change”. With automation, AI and robotics common buzzwords within the profession, our keynote speakers and breakout sessions provided AP professionals with insights into the new technologies available to the AP industry, and examined the reasons why these opportunities should be embraced rather than feared.

What people got from the event…

Delegates benefitted from a strong focus on education, training and professional development, as well as the opportunity to network with industry experts and peers.

Central to the conference was the annual vendor expo, providing delegates with the opportunity to speak face to face with leading suppliers in the fields of software, recruitment and more. In addition, a series of presentations and workshops took place throughout the day – providing further opportunities for delegates to enhance their knowledge.

What people learned from the event…

Different attendees have gained different things from the event, however, the general consensus was directed towards a newly found acceptance and excitement for change. The main takeaways from the event, according to most, were the different types of software available, the latest technology advances, how robotics is and will be affecting AP in the coming years and the current advancements in automation.

APA Conference & Expo 2018 Gallery

Event Sponsors

Event Speakers

Key Note Speaker – Claire Lomas MBE

The Accounts Payable Association were truly honoured to have Claire Lomas MBE tell her amazing inspirational story as our Key Note Speaker at the 2018 Annual Conference.

Claire spoke about the split second that changed her life, and candidly described her darkest times. This, combined with the humour which has helped Claire get through some of the embarrassing moments her injury has caused, made for an incredibly moving and unforgettable talk.

Claire demonstrated the robotic suit that enabled her to complete the London Marathon, showing the recent advancements in technology as well as inspiring us all with her strength of character.

Claire talked about the gradual process of turning her situation around, and surprisingly how the five best days of her life have all been after her devastating injury. Her turning point was when she stopped thinking of everything she could no longer do, and instead, she started focusing on all the many things she could still do. Claire challenged us all to make our own luck and see everything as an opportunity.

The Mainstage Speakers

Jamie Radford

Jamie Radford - CEO

John Wallace

John Wallace - CEO

Karen Young

Karen Young - Director

Rod Chadwick

Rod Chadwick - RPA Intake Owner

Francis Thornhill

Francis Thornhill - Head of Marketing

Samantha Ryan

Samantha Ryan - Global P2P Manager

The Workshops

Process automation and its impact on AP

Neal Dempsey

Duty to report on payment practices & performance

Jenny Shutt

AP / P2P and Intelligent Automation – Learning from the Worst, Exploiting the Best

Dan French – CEO

An outlook on the future of P2P


Surviving & thriving in a world of change

Stephen Duffy – MD ACTLEAN


Robots Are Coming But Humans Are Still In Charge


The Compère

Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan - Chief Transformation Officer

Highlights of 2017 Conference

2017 APA Annual event was a huge success with AP/P2P professionals from throughout the UK attending  & taking part in the industry’s leading event.

Included within the event were a variety of guest speakers from the AP industry who covered a wide spectrum of AP/P2P related topics.

The entire day was so successful because of the level of interaction from the attendees which we know will be the same in 2018!

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