Our Memberships are available for Individuals, Students and Employers who would like to support their entire AP team. Access Support Forums, Tools and Templates, APA Events, Surveys and Reports, Jobs, News Articles and much more..

APA Memberships

FREE Membership

Our FREE Membership includes:

  • AP Forum Access
  • APA Podcasts and Webinars
  • Networking Opportunities
  • APA Blog & Newsletters
  • APA Accredited Partner Portal
  • Industry updates and news


Our Student Membership includes:

  • Tools and templates including AP, Supplier and Reconciliation Policies and more
  • 1 x Entry to the APA Annual Conference, the UK’s largest Accounts Payable and P2P Conference
  • Unlimited access to APA and partner webinars and podcasts covering current industry topics
  • Private networking and discussion forums
  • Access to Surveys and Benchmarking data reports
  • Invitations to virtual APA events and topical meet-ups with other APA members
  • Access to the APA Accredited Partner portal to help you find suitable solution providers
  • Advertise jobs FREE on the APA job board


Our Corporate Membership includes:

  • Tools and templates for use within the industry, including accounts payable and supplier & reconciliation policies to name but a few
  • Unlimited access to the APA Induction Course (for your ENTIRE TEAM!)
  • Access to the APA Update Course (for one)
  • Access to the APA Annual Conference (for two)
  • 10% Discount on all APA Courses
  • Unlimited access to APA and partner webinars and podcasts covering current industry topics
  • Access to private networking and discussion forums
  • Access to in-depth surveys and benchmarking data reports
  • Invitations to virtual APA events and topical meet-ups with other APA members
  • Ability to advertise your jobs FREE on the APA job board