Ascendant supports businesses, of all sizes, simplify and reduce costs associated to cross border foreign exchange payments. Working directly with AP, Payroll and Finance Teams, Ascendant has developed a suite of technology solutions, such as Payee Intelligence™ that help businesses grow, expand globally, reduce cost and realise process efficiencies.


Talk to Ascendant to –
  • Effortlessly send single, multiple or many thousands of payments through aPay by Ascendant
  • Send payments in local currency to nearly every country in the World
  • Reduce costs associated to foreign exchange conversion
  • Eliminate payments errors and reduce costs though Payee Intelligence™
  • Receive funds into you own named multi-currency Virtual Account
  • Leverage the Ascendant API directly into your ERP
  • Develop bespoke solutions for our unique needs

Subject Areas

  • Technology – Software
  • Global Payment Solutions
  • Expense Solutions
  • Compliance

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