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The DNA of an Accounts Payable Department: By Alistair Nicholas, Managing Director, Esker Northern Europe

The Accounts Payable (AP) function is a critical backbone for managing cashflow and fostering business resilience within an organisation – but what of the people, processes and environment that make up AP? In conjunction with Jamie Radford, the founder of…

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The Accounts Payable Association merges with The Payroll Centre

The Accounts Payable Association is delighted to announce its merger with The Payroll Centre, the UK’s largest payroll membership and learning organisation.   This announcement means the APA will be receiving the required support to follow our plans for expansion;…

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AP Association AP Talks Podcast Episode 6 Creating your personal brand Interview with Daniel Ricardo

Episode 6: Creating your personal brand in AP with Daniel Ricardo

Hi, there AP wizzards! Our podcast today is with Daniel Ricardo and we are talking about creating your personal brand. Daniel has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and is the Director of a small (8 strong team)…

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