ITESOFT UK are specialists in Accounts Payable automation solutions

Our applications are designed and built to deliver the latest technology, with best in class capture and process management, for organisations of all sizes.

Our goal is to alleviate time consuming, repetitive tasks within AP, freeing up time and energy for teams to work on higher value added tasks turning AP from a cost centre into a profit centre for their business.

With guaranteed capture rates of more than 85%, and a mutualised supplier master database; invoice capture has never been able to deliver benefits so quickly and with such security.

Established more than 35 years ago, ITESOFT have clients in more than 35 countries, processing more than a billion documents a year. Unlike other providers, our solutions are our own, developed by our own R&D teams with input from our clients.

We believe that automation solutions should be used to enhance the AP function, not to replace it. By ensuring that the information captured is of the highest quality, regardless of source, this allows the modern AP professional to do what they are best at… Delivering benefit to the business.

Subject Areas

  • Financial processes
  • Ap automation solutions
  • Business automation platform
  • Business Consulting Services