Why Advertise

Why Advertise With the APA?

The Accounts Payable Association is the only professional memberorganisation devoted to serve the Accounts Payable and Purchase Ledger community of professionals in the UK.

Although this website is new, the APA has historically built a LinkedIn Group to over 30,000 members. We are currently in start-up mode and are confident of recruiting over 10,000 members by March 2017. The APA website therefore is a unique opportunity to advertise and have targeted access to Accounts Payable professionals.

The APA represents a classic opportunity to market and advertise your products/services to related fields to the AP industry, e.g. audit services, recruitment, technology, training courses, etc.

The Range Of Advertising Opportunities

A range of advertising opportunities are available with the APA, these include:

  • Careers HQ advertising – the Careers HQ section will feature valuable content to pursue a career in AP. This will include uploading of CV’s, this section of the site would be very attractive for potential employers and recruitment organisations to advertise on.
  • Email advertising – Periodically the APA will send Emails to members, there is an opportunity for various forms of sponsored advertising to appear within the Emails
  • Event advertising – Throughout the year the APA will hold a series of events. Various types of sponsorship opportunities are available at these events, contact us for more details
  • Guest blog posts – Each week the APA will publish blog articles via the APA blog. An opportunity exists for advertising partners to provide content in the form of a guest post to be added as a blog article. Please check this blog article for further details
  • Newsletter advertising – The APA periodically publishes newsletters, various advertising opportunities within newsletters are available (e.g. banner advertising, promotional content blocks and text links)
  • Sponsored social media posts – The APA can allow sponsored social media posts, e.g. sponsored tweets/Facebook posts, contact us for further details
  • Website advertising – Various packages will be available to advertise services which are of benefit to APA members via the website. These packages will either be banner advertisements or text links

Advertising Enquiries

For advertising enquiries please fill out the form below or contact the Birmingham Office